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Light Weight Type Two D Rings

Light D rings for the leather and crafts trades
comparison of the two thicknesses
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These light weight welded D rings are a slightly different contour than our other version of light weight D rings . They are available in a more limited number of sizes than the others. For heavy leather use, our heavy D rings are the usual choice, but for lighter weight garment leather, or fabric, vinyl, macrame and so forth this might be better suited for your purpose. These are welded D rings, so they perform much better than a non-welded one would.

These are made by forming wire (of the diameter specified in the listing) in the shape of the D ring. The seam at the base (hidden by your material when in use) is then welded, and finally the plating is applied. This differs from cast rings, which are poured as molten metal into a mold, and the resulting product is without a weld, and one solid piece. Non-welded wire rings are missing the weld at the joining point and are inherently much weaker, under load they can simply bend open.

We provide 2 measurements, the first, in inches, is the inner diameter of the ring, this is measured at the straight part of the D, and, therefore, is the size of the material which will fit correctly into the ring. This dimension is just slightly generous (a 2" ring may measure 2.05") so that there is no binding. The second is the thickness, in millimeters, of the material itself.

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Please see sizes available in the chart below.

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Thickness* Enter Quantity $ Each Enter Quantity $ per 10 Enter Quantity $ per 50 Enter Quantity $ per 100 Enter Quantity $ per case**
5/8 inch light D ring thumbnail 2.85 mm
(0.330 each)

(0.300 each)

(0.260 each)

$ 543.89
(case of 2.500)
3/4 inch light D ring thumbnail 3.8 mm
(0.350 each)

(0.320 each)

(0.280 each)

$ 597.94
(case of 2.500)
1 inch light D ring thumbnail 3.4 mm
(0.450 each)

(0.400 each)

(0.350 each)

$ 406.05
(case of 1.500)
*A penny is 1.55mm thick, a mm is a little less than 1/16 of an inch. A nickel is almost exactly 2mm thick.
** Case pricing includes freight in the continental United States. Click for more information

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This item is sold in "pre-packs". This means that only full quantities of even 50 pieces receive the 50 piece price,
100 receive the 100 piece price, and so forth.

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