Privacy Statement

J and J Hardware believes in your absolute privacy, because we believe that is the way the internet should function. When you go into a physical store, no one asks for your ID, and no one runs over and peeks into your pockets. The internet shouldn't either.

We do log the domain from which you are visiting our site, but only in terms of total number of hits from that domain, and only for our internal use in determining the best method to market our site. This information is released to no one.

Mailing Lists:

We don't have any; e-mail or otherwise. Therefore, you won't be on one.

About our packaging....

All out packages are sent with "JandJEnterprises" and our shipping address as a return address. We are wholly owned by J and J Enterprises, and all our divisions use the same shipping software. Hence, the "JandJEnterprises" return address.

And some other stuff...

We request telephone numbers with orders, but they are only used in the event of a problem with the order. We never call to solicit business, or for any other purpose, except to expedite the order you have already placed with us.

We do not place cookies on your computer, unless you are placing an order. These cookies are only to track your shopping cart, and are used for no other reason. This cookie has a number, your order tracking number, so that when you ask for your shopping cart our server can give you your cart, and not someone else's. We make no attempt to read any other cookies on your computer. We do not use web beacons, tracking codes, or any of that nonsense.

We even go so far as to have an arrangement with our computer hardware vendor that any repairs are done immediately, directly in front of one of our staff, to insure that there is no unauthorized viewing of our files.

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