Acceptable Use of Products

Our products are sold for use in the leather trade industry. As such, they are not intended to be used to support, assist, or otherwise are they represented to support or assist in human safety. The merchandise represented on and in this site have not been tested to conform with any standards of performance. All suitability for fitness for use in any application can be solely determined by you, our customer. Less legally...  We sell a decent quality piece of hardware. If you, however, need to use this in any manner in which you will be putting someone's safety in jeopardy (or if you are attempting to keep them from jeopardy), you need to consult with an engineer to see if our products are suitable. We do not offer, nor even suggest, our opinions on the suitability of any of our hardware for any specific situation. If you write us about that, we will simply point you back to this page  (the old story...  if you don't understand #1, please see number one). If you are in the safety business (or any other that may put someone at risk), we believe that your best interests, and the interests of your customers, can only be served if you retain the services of a qualified testing lab or individual to determine if our products are suitable, or purchase (at much higher pricing) pre tested hardware from an appropriate supply firm.

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