Case Quantities

We introduced our case pack pricing in July of 2021. While we always were able to quote case pricing, we never offered those prices to the general public, but we are pleased to do so now.

Case pricing is freight inclusive to all points in the continental United States. Meaning, the price for a case is the final price you pay, no additional shipping. Shipping is via UPS. If you live outside of the continental United States we will quote you a price with shipping when you place an order, and will reduce that cost by the amount it would have cost us to ship to you if you were in the 48 states.

Our cart is a little bit cranky when it comes to case pricing, and may show you a freight charge in addition to the case price. If your order is all full cases, we will remove that shipping charge when we ship your order. Orders that include both full cases and smaller packs wil have freight applied to the non-case part of your order.

Some items are not available in case quantities for various reasons. If you see "inquire" please just ask us for case quantities and pricing by writing to us from our contact page .

All case quantities are fixed quantities, as in, if it says "case of 700" and you want 701, then you would pay freight on the 1 piece extra.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on our contact page .

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