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Black One Inch Hardware

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These one inch pieces (D-ring, deluxe belt keeper, and roller buckle) can really dress up a black product! Select from any one or more of the packs available, or select the convenient six pack, two of each item for your special project.

Shiny black plated steel in the sizes listed in the chart below.

NEW! We have just added the first of a series of standard belt keepers in a rich black at a lower price than the deluxe. More to come!

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  1-9 Pieces Packs of 10 Packs of 50 Packs of 100
Item /
Enter Quantity $ Each Enter Quantity $ per 10 Enter Quantity $ per 50 Enter Quantity $ per 100
D Ring

(0.800 each)

(0.710 each)

(0.620 each)
Belt Keeper

(1.040 each)

(0.920 each)

(0.800 each)
Belt Keeper

(0.350 each)

(0.300 each)

(0.235 each)

(0.910 each)

(0.810 each)

(0.705 each)
2 of each item
with deluxe keeper

2 of each item
with loop keeper


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This item is sold in "pre-packs". This means that only full quantities of even 50 pieces receive the 50 piece price,
100 receive the 100 piece price, and so forth.

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